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Doors Music,Video and Lyrics

American Rock Band the Doors formed L.A in 1965  List  of The Doors Lyrics



Featuring lead vocalist Jim Morrison, Keyboards Ray Manzarek, guitarist Rob Krieger and on drums John Densmore.

The band split in 1970 .

Now annual sales exceed 1 million albums.

On stage the doors where unpredictable and dynamic, musically creative and poetic

Even after the passing of lead singer Jim Morrison (July 3 1971) the doors to this day have a ever increasing appeal to a whole new generation of music listeners.

Most of the songs( music & lyrics) written where compositions of Morrison and Krieger but the band all assisted creating rock and rolls long standing anthems of the late 60's and early 70's..
The doors greatest rock and roll band ever, even if you buy vinyl records, sheet music, CD's, DVDs and MP3 music. This music will last forever.

Doors Logo

There will never be another band like the doors. Here is the music & lyrics of a great rock and roll band.

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Jim Morrison with wife pamThe Doors lyrics and Video...

The following is a listing of the tracks on various Doors LP's:

THE DOORS: Break On Through, Soul Kitchen, The Crystal Ship,
Twentieth-Century Fox, Alabama Song, Light My Fire, Back Door
, I Looked at You, End Of the Night, Take It As It Comes,
The End.

STRANGE DAYS: Strange Days, You're Lost Little Girl, Love Me Two
, Unhappy Girl, Horse Latitudes, Moonlight Drive, People
are Strange
, My Eyes have Seen You, I Can't See Your Face in My
Mind, When the Music's Over.

WAITING FOR THE SUN: Hello I Love You, Love Street, Not to Touch
the Earth, Summer's Almost Gone, Wintertime Love, The Unknown
, Spanish Caravan, My Wild Love, We Could Be So Good
Together, Yes the River Knows, Five to One

THE SOFT PARADE: Tell All the People, Touch Me, Shaman's Blues, Do It,
Easy Ride, Wild Child, Runnin' Blue, Wishful Sinful, The Soft Parade

MORRISON MOTEL: Road House Blues, Waiting for the Sun, You Make me
Real, Peace Frog, Blue Sunday, Ship of Fools, Land Ho!, The Spy,
Queen of the Highway, Indian Summer, Maggie M'Gill.

L.A. WOMAN: The Changeling, Love Her Madly, Been Down So Long, Cars
Hiss By My Window, L.A.Woman, L'America, Hyacinth House, Crawling
King Snake, The WASP (Texas Radio & the Big Beat), Riders On the

THE DOORS GREATEST HITS: Hello I Love You, Light My Fire, People Are
, Love Me Two Times, Riders On the Storm, Break On Through,
Roadhouse Blues, Not to Touch the Earth, Touch Me, L.A. Woman.

CLASSICS: Strange Days, Love Her Madly, Waiting For the Sun, Stoned immaculate, My Eyes
Have Seen You, Wild Child, The Crystal Ship, Five to One, Roadhouse
Blues [live]
, Land Ho!, I Can't See Your Face In My Mind, Peace Frog,
The WASP, The Unknown Soldier.

Interview Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek about the music and lyrics of The Doors 1969


The Doors 66-67

Strange Days 67

Waiting for the sun 68

The soft parade 69

Morrison Hotel

L A Woman 71

Full circle 71-72

An American Prayer 78

Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970

Live at the Hollywood bowl 1968


The Doors Experience



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{Music and lyrics thanks to Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, Rob Krieger, John Densmore.}

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